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Reports Predict G20 Web Economy to Double to £2.64 Trillion by 2016

A recent report has predicted that the Internet Economy in the G20 nations of the world will grow by more than 10 percent annually for the next four years, doubling to £2.64 Trillion by 2016.
To put the size of this prediction in comparison, the figure will mean that the Web Economy in 2016 will surpass the size of the German economy.
This growth has been mainly down to:
  • the number of people with access to high speed broadband internet
  • people becoming more and more comfortable with buying, purchasing and searching for goods and services using the internet
  • web-enabled smartphones
These changes are expected to help a total of 3 billion people access the Internet by 2016. All sectors of the economy including online retail, banking, advertising, IT services and demand for Internet-related goods will all thrive thanks to the increase in internet usage.
Thanks to the G20's Internet economy being close to doubling in less than 5 years, this will help to create an extra 32 million jobs. If the Internet was its own national economy then it would rank in the world's top five! In developed markets the report predicts that the Internet economy will grow at about 8 percent annually, while in developing markets it will grow more than twice as fast.
In Britain the report suggested that the Internet economy accounted for 8.3 percent of gross domestic product in 2010, the highest percentage of any G20 nation. This high level is down to widespread high speeds of internet access, good infrastructure, high credit-card usage and an increase in added security and confidence of shopping online.
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