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Never Let your Domain Name Expire Again
Did you know that the domain name that your site is run from needs to be renewed each year? Do you have full control over your domain name as it is legally your property? Have you had problems in the past with getting access to your domain name control pannel? Has your website gone down and emails stopped working because you domain name expired?
IMS Consulting can help you to make sure that you domain name never expires again. If you domain name expires, then there is the chance that someone else can purchase the domain name and re-register it under their name, so you loose out on all the work that you have done in building up your brand through that name. Even worse, your web company has actually registered the domain name and it is not your intellectual property so all the work you do on the internet will be wasted when you get a new website!
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Are you looking for a website that you can update your information as and when you like? Do you have to contact your design company to do the changes for you that take forever to complete? If so please read more about the AWICS project that we have recently competed.

We have just launched a new website package with one of Cumbria's leading physiotherapy clinics, North Lakes Physiotherapy.